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BiFi / Peperami TV Campaign

"When Hunger strikes. Strike back."
"Dein Hunger. Dein Snack."

The challenge for 2017 was to develop a campaign that works both in the German market and in the English market. We did not only have to invent a claim which meant the same in both languages, we also had to introduce the animated animal to the German market since it was already a well known character in the UK.

// Anne //

Client: BiFi / Peperami

Agency : Thjnk Berlin 

Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 20.40.20.png

BiFi Currywurst

Now BiFi goes a step further and launches its own Currywurst in Germany.

The creative idea of this campaign was to speak to Berliners in real Berlin Slang. For the launch, we developed a special Look for the animal. Additionally, we created Out of Home, Print and Banner with Headlines in typical Berlin Slang Words. To address Retailers to take the product in stock, we also designed a special and fun Sales Folder.

Creative Concept and Design for the Sales Folder


"Rock am Ring" 2017

BiFi is one of the main sponsors of "Rock am Ring". The biggest Festival in Europe. Therefore, we created a 15' spot for the Sidewings placed around the stage area. The spot ran during the Festival breaks. "No Festival without BiFi."

BiFi Turkey

Product Launch

For the Product Launch of BiFi Turkey (BiFi originally from pork meat) we were asked to create simple Online Banner. So, we created simple but fun to watch Banner, each with a little story.  

Line: "Your new Wing Man."

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