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Spring/ Summer Fashion Campaign

We created two fashion spots for the Spring/ Summer campaign with a very female insight. Its tongue-in-cheek message is that women tell stories differently from men, and have just one thing on their minds – the perfect outfit. 

A magical encounter, with a humorous twist.


// Anne //

Client: OTTO

Agency : Heimat 



Autumn/ Winter  Fashion Campaign

When women run out of logical reasons to buy new garments, they are brilliant in finding new ones. Practically everything can be a good reason for that tenth coat. An infinite amount of reasons for new clothes — Isn't that great?


Online Banner and Print


Furniture/ Living Campaign

In continuation of the "Good reason Campaign" we created a fun and bizarre story for OTTO's Furniture/ Interior products. A story about a couple that brought themselves a souvenir from their holiday in Mexico. With only one big problem: Back home they realize the souvenir doesn't match their furniture style at all.

A complete disaster!But nevertheless, still a good reason to refurnish the whole flat in adoption to the souvenir. 

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